Why Superbot?

Boost your Brand while bridging the communication gap with your customers by using Superbot!


65% of the people still prefer their queries to
be addressed over the call - Gartner.

Enhance Customer Experience

The Problem -

Businesses still spend a hefty amount of money on outsourcing or having an in-house call center, to maintain constant communication with their customers. But they still struggle with

Unable to attend all the incoming calls

Long wait times for customers lead to a bad customer experience

Unable to connect with all their customers for reminders on time

Expensive Infrastructure and Training Cost

Let’s witness how Superbot can
address all of these issues, single-handedly:

Reduce Training Infrastructure Cost

Attend all the Incoming Calls with Zero Wait Time

Being capable of attending 10K+ Concurrent Unique Calls and Queries, 24x7 Superbot allows brands to offer their customers instant resolutions to their queries, with Zero Wait Time.

Proactively Reach your Customers

Set up automated workflows and stay connected with your customers at each and every stage of their customer journey. Do drip marketing & increase retention, guide them to drive more conversions and a lot more to increase your ROI

Reduce Training Infrastructure Cost
Reduce Training Infrastructure Cost

Increase your Human Agent’s Efficiency by 20%

Give pre-nurtured and classified contacts to your human agents, to help them focus only on final closures or critical assistance required. Thus saving their time invested in answering repeated questions and increasing their efficiency.

Zero Training Cost

Oh and Yes it doesn’t need any human intervention while catering to the queries. Thus, saving all the hiring and training costs for the businesses.

Reduce Training Infrastructure Cost

Time for some stats for your insight

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

Drive your Business & Boost your Customer Experience with a next-gen calling solution!

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