Be it appointment booking, appointment reminders, promoting services like healthcare packages or collecting feedback. With SuperBot do all of it in parallel by placing 1M+ calls a day.


Why SuperBot is required?

To Reduce Cart Abandonment

24×7 Availability

To provide 24x7 assistance to all the patients, their families, etc. with their queries regarding appointment, reports, tests, doctor’s availability, etc. without any human limitation or waiting in long call queues.

To Improve Customer Experience

Bridge the Communication Gap

To help you bridge the communication gap between you and your customers, with one single agent which can do the work of 1000+ agents alone.

To Increase Customer Retention

Reminder Calls

To avoid missing appointments because of missed calls and long call waiting queues and eventually hampering the ROI.

To decrease COD Order Cancellation

Addressing the Human Limitations

To address the human limitations like not recalling the data of all the tests and doctors and thence delay in providing the current information.

To Collect Timely Feedbacks

Ease the work load for Human Agent

To allow you to use your human agents more efficiently and effectively for doing the smart work for you, while a machine does all the hard work.

How SuperBot is addressing these challenges

Real-Time Lead Verification

Book Appointments

In parallel to attending the incoming calls, SuperBot can also take appointment and call back requests from the patients.

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Conduct Survey & Feedback Campaigns

It can conduct mass-level survey and feedback campaigns to help you identify the area of improvements and upgrade your brand.

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Attendance Confirmation

It can pay advance calls to the patients a day or a few hours prior to their booking to take their attendance confirmation. And in case of cancellation can even take the new dates.

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Scale Up your Business with Real-Time Insights

Do Promotional Activity

SuperBot can promote any new offer, package or service in almost 100x lesser time than the usual methods while confirming the interest of the users.

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Bed Availability Confirmation

If linked to your HRMS, it can pay auto-calls to the patients in queue about the availability of the beds for their admittance.

Scale Up your Business with Real-Time Insights

Act as a Virtual Call Center

With the capability of handling 1M+ calls a day, SuperBot can act as your own virtual call centre, where all the incoming calls can be catered 24×7, concurrently.

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Pay Reminder Calls

It can pay regular reminder calls to the patients for their upcoming appointments, regular check-ups and help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

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The Benefits of using

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

Drive your Business & Boost your Customer Experience with a next-gen calling solution!

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