Step into the future Getting Started

Now you have access to all the core functionality you need to customize your own AI-Powered VoiceBot
for having intelligent conversations with humans over telephony channels. Let us learn here how to customize the Superbot on the go.

Sign Up & Create Your Account

Sign Up & Create Your Account

Sign up on and wait for an account approval mail from the Superbot team. Once your account is reviewed, verified, and approved, log in again on the same link and embark on your journey of customizing the Voicebot.

Choose Use Case Based On your Industry

Choose Use Case Based On your Industry

Go to Customize Superbot and choose an Industry you wish to cater to as per your requirements. Select a Use Case for your voicebot that best suits your objective and you are good to go to the next step.

Customise SuperBot

Customise Superbot

It is the time to configure your Superbot - Give it a Name, select a Language and a Voice-Over of your choice. Set up Scoring Parameters and Customize Responses for your voicebot to provide a bespoke customer experience. The Superbot Team will review your customized responses and once approved from our end, you can advance to the next step.

Go Live With your AI VoiceBot

Go Live With your AI VoiceBot

Now head over to the most interesting part. Take the final step of setting up rules for the classification of the parameters and then hit the submit button to publish the voicebot. Voila! You are all set to pay and attend your calls.

whats Next

what's Next

Now sit back and relax! Superbot will take care of the rest! You can leverage Intelligent and Powerful Insights from Real-Time Analytics and Reports to understand how your customers interact with your AI Voicebot, diagnose problem areas and limitations in customer experience, and continuously improve conversational flows.

Experience on the go scalability for placing calls with Superbot

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

Drive your Business & Boost your Customer Experience with a next-gen calling solution!

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