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Ready-to-use Agents

There are 100+ Voice Bots that are already trained for various use cases of different industries and their verticals are ready to be used with just few clicks.


Voice Modulation

Superbot comes with multiple human voice-overs along with the option of speed, pitch, and voice modulation. Choose and use the one which suits your need.

Real-Time Data Fulfillment

Real-Time Data Fulfillment

Real-Time Data Fulfillment to help you assist with your user queries and request with accurate information while offering 0 wait time or delay.

Real-Time Data Fulfillment


Superbot has been built in a manner to meet the need of even regional businesses. Therefore apart from Hindi & English, it also supports regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

Concurrent Calls

Concurrent Calls

Superbot is capable of placing 1000+ calls in parallel for multiple use cases at the same time.

DIY SaaS-Based Platform

DIY SaaS-Based Platform

DIY SaaS-Based Platform to let you build and manage your calling agents, and campaigns while keeping a track of everything with our DIY Platform.

Introducing Conversational Flow Builder

Bot Builder with Zero Code Requirement

With zero coding skills you can now just simply drag, connect and create your Superbot with the response and voice of your choice in just a few minutes. All you need to do is just keep your content ready

A Sneak Peak of its Amazing Features

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

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