By providing 24/7 assistance, answering frequently asked questions, giving personalized guidance, Superbot can reduce the workload on admissions staff while improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the admission process.


Why Superbot is required?


Missed Calls & Delay in Timely Follow Ups

Since Human Agents can handle only a limited number of calls in a day and can’t be available 24*7, 365 days a year, a number of leads gets missed as they don’t get resolution of their queries.


Lack of Real-Time Lead Verification

More than 50% of the counselling time of counsellors is invested in just verifying and mining out the potential leads. Leading to missing or delay in connecting with leads which needs actual counselling and can be converted.


Lack of Standard Script or Structure

Unlike Corporates, which runs one of the best and smooth calling process, Education Industry lacks a standard calling procedure. A standard calling script is not there. A defined structure for smoothly undertaking the calling operations is also lacking.


Human Limitations

Be it the introduction of new courses, where the humans can’t recall the information of 100+ programs, esp new ones and end up giving wrong information or abruptly disconnecting the calls, leading to loss of leads.


Counselling Quality Audit

Do regular auditing and provide valuable feedback to your counsellors, helping them refine their approach and maintain the highest level of service.

How Superbot is addressing these challenges

Real-Time Lead Verification

Verify your Lead in Real-time

Verify your leads in real-time by automatically checking and verifying contact information and details provided by the leads with Superbot. This can help and ensure that only high quality leads are pursued, which can improve your conversion rates.

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Process Application

Conduct Counselling Quality Check

Keep track of the lead quality and counsellor performance check, by doing regular audits with Superbot. Get real time audit log and stats, while mining the potential leads to boost your ROI in parallel.

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Stand out of the crowd!

Promote your Webinars and Conferences

Promote your Webinars and Conferences for attaining maximum participation by automating your callings with AI-driven Voice Agent Superbot.

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Student Support

Provide 24/7 Helpline Support

Superbot can be useful for ed tech in providing a 24/7 helpline by providing instant responses, quick problem resolution, and to provide support outside of regular business hours, you can improve the overall experience of their users and provide a higher level of service.

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Enrolment Process

Streamline the Enrollment Process

Superbot can also help streamline the enrollment process by collecting and verifying data from applicants, and by providing updates and notifications throughout the process.

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Experience on the go scalability for placing calls with Superbot!

The Benefits of using

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

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