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Our Vision

Businesses are trying their best to evolve and upgrade themselves to offer the best customer experience. But even after spending so much on infrastructure, resources, training, etc they are still facing a disconnect with their customers. While understanding that “Right Communication at the Right Time is the key to success for any business”, and understanding this Superbot has been launched, with the vision of RevolutionisingCalling and bridging the communication gap faced by the businesses. It has been launched to meet all the calling needs of almost all industries while allowing humans to do the smart work, and it takes care of the hard work.

Revolutionising Calling

Superbot is the brainchild of PinnacleWorks, which was developed following the vision of “AlwaysEvolving”. The AI-powered, NLU engine backed agent was initially launched in 2018 in the textual format to help businesses bridge the communication gap between them and their customers while increasing their customer satisfaction rate. In the duration of just one year only, Superbot is trusted by 100+ brands for addressing their customer queries 24×7. But the other challenge remained in place which was of reaching out to the customers proactively to help them increase their ROI.

Realising the challenge being faced by almost all the industries, the voice agent of Superbot has been launched. Unlike other standard Bots and Voice Agents available in the market, which allows only objective IVR responses, Superbot leaps ahead with the capability of intent understanding and responding to the users in different languages and voices. Not only this, to make it easier for even local businesses to make use of Superbot, a DIY portal has been launched where they can just sign up, choose and customise the agent without the need of doing any coding, and run their campaigns.

Meet The Co-Founders

Sarvagya and Ankit met each other at college, where Ankit was a year senior to Sarvagya. Both being Techies crossed each other during Tech Events and won a number of competitions together. In the early stage of their college days only, they both started doing some freelancing work and did few of the short terms projects together. But, once the college got over they both parted their ways to pursue their careers before joining hands together again after 3 years to start PinnacleWorks.

Ankit Ruia

When we talk about the Muscle and the Brain, Ankit is the one who is the Brain of PinnacleWorks. Being the Techie since the beginning, its the code and not the oxygen which keeps him alive. He completed his Computer Science Engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education in the year 2008. He was the winner of CSC Innovation Icon Contest – 2007 as well as a TGMC top 20 Rank Holder. Initially, after his graduation, he pursued his career with Big MNCs and excelled in his corporate life for 3 years. Being the Tech Guy he has always been the problem solver and used to come up with out of the box ideas. Later when he decided to do something of his own, PinnacleWorks came into existence. His expertise in IT has led PinnacleWorks to launch a number of custom products which cater to the needs of various industries. His dedication towards his vision keeps everyone motivated in the team and allows PinnacleWorks to achieve new heights every day.


Sarvagya Mishra

Sarvagya Mishra is someone whom we call the “Visionary”. He is a renowned personality in the field of IT and has an extensive experience in providing high quality and effective IT solutions. He completed his Computer Science engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education in the year 2010. During his college days, he won numerous competition and was also a TGMC Rank 2 Holder. Having strong skills in backend technologies along with the qualities of a team player, he worked with various start-up’s and big MNC like Ericsson as a Software Engineer. His proven skill in the Marketing and IT sector has helped every organization he has worked with to grow and succeed on various levels. His skill set and dedication have motivated everyone to run on the same page and keep improving the level of quality imparted in the services provided by PinnacleWorks and to pave a path to success for the organization.


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