Opt for 24×7 connectivity and zero wait time for your customers with Superbot. Address their queries, conduct fraud detection, pay payment reminder calls as well as promote your offers in parallel with the help of our Intelligent Communication Agent.


Why Superbot is required?

Differentiating Factor

Collecting Information

Almost Everyone is doing the same thing. With no differentiating factor, & the same set of potential buyers are being approached by 100+ agents and companies.

Pre Audit the quality of Leads

Promotional Activities

For undertaking promotional activities at mass level, while making the customers aware about the new services and offers and also in parallel taking their interest confirmation, while addressing their custom queries.

Traditional Methods

Reminder Calls

For placing automated reminder calls depending upon the user activity and interests, for collecting payments, upselling any other service, etc. at mass level

Spending so much

KYC Verification

For undertaking activities like telephonic KYC, Confirmation of New Service Opted by the customer, etc.

Competitors Exhaust your Digital Budget

Centralised Platform

To assist you in having a centralised platform with the help of two way API integration to help you manage all your call logs, recordings and transcripts.

Competitors Exhaust your Digital Budget

Regular and Timely Feedbacks

To help you collect regular and timely feedbacks from your customers, for improving your services and enhancing your customer experience.

Competitors Exhaust your Digital Budget

Conduct Surveys

To help you conduct surveys among your existing customers to know their opinion about a recently launched or about to be launched services, etc.

Competitors Exhaust your Digital Budget

Experience a Cultural Shift

To help you experience a cultural shift like other industries by adapting an AI-Powered Technology.

How Superbot is addressing these challenges

Real-Time Lead Verification

Pay Reminder Calls

It can pay regular reminder calls to the customers about their upcoming payments, their missing information or due formalities requirement, etc.

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Scale Up your Business with Real-Time Insights

Do Promotional Activity

In parallel to attending the incoming calls, Superbot can also place 1M+ calls in a day to promote any offer or services, while capturing the customer’s interest and auto-scoring them.

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Stand out of the crowd!

Conduct Real-Time Telephonic KYC or Fraud Detection

For all the people whose telephonic KYC are required, Superbot can take care of the same with the help of its advanced automation rules. Similarly real time fraud detection can be done.

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Scale Up your Business with Real-Time Insights

Act as a Virtual Call Center

With the capability of handling 1M+ calls a day, Superbot can act as your own virtual call centre, where all the incoming calls can be catered 24×7, concurrently, while answering custom queries of the customers.

Stand out of the crowd!

Addresses Human Limitations

It can do the job of 1000 agents at once, at zero infrastructure and training cost, 24×7, 365 days with real-time fetching of the required data and no human errors.

Scale Up your Business with Real-Time Insights

Conduct Survey & Feedback Campaigns

It can conduct mass-level survey and feedback campaigns to help you identify the area of improvements and upgrade your brand.

Stand out of the crowd!

Regular Updates to Customers

With new rules and laws coming into enforcement every now and then, Superbot can assist in floating it to the masses in 10x less time, while addressing their customer queries and taking their consent.

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Experience on the go scalability for placing calls with Superbot!

The Benefits of using

Easy Plug and Play Integrations

Superbot supports easy integrations with all the leading CRMs, Payment Gateways,
MarketPlaces, Telecom Providers
, etc, to enable businesses set up their
virtual call centre in the most seamless process as possible.

Drive your Business & Boost your Customer Experience with a next-gen calling solution!

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