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What is SuperBot?

SuperBot is an AI-powered conversational agent designed to engage in smart dialogues with humans over telephony channels. It's capable of placing and attending over 1 million calls a day.

What are the benefits of using SuperBot?

Hiring SuperBot has a lot of benefits some of which are:

  • 24×7 Availability
  • Capable of making 1000+ calls at the same time for different use cases
  • Requires Zero Human Involvment
  • Understands multiple regional languages hence there is no language barrier
  • Caters to various Industries
  • SuperBot is hassle free and requires zero coding knowledge
  • Provides detailed reports and analytics
What businesses are currently using SuperBot?

SuperBot is trusted by a diverse range of clients across various industries such as Education, Ed-Tech, Healthcare,
Health-tech, D2C, BFSI etc.. You can view our clientele here.

How many calls can SuperBot place in a day?

SuperBot can make more than 1 million calls in a day.

Can SuperBot handle multiple languages simultaneously?

Yes, SuperBot is multilingual and can handle conversations in multiple languages concurrently, such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu etc. This feature ensures that you can cater to a diverse audience without any language barriers.

Can SuperBot be used for inbound as well as outbound calls?

Yes, SuperBot is versatile and can handle both inbound and outbound calls efficiently, ensuring seamless communication with your customers.

Can SuperBot handle high call volumes during peak hours?

SuperBot is designed to scale and can handle high call volumes effortlessly, ensuring that no call goes unanswered even during peak hours.

Can SuperBot integrate with my CRM?

Yes, SuperBot offers an open API that seamlessly integrates with leading and custom-built CRMs.

Do I need to know coding to use SuperBot?

No! Not even a line of code is required to use SuperBot. All you need to do is to customise it as per your need.

How do I use SuperBot?

To get started with SuperBot, visit our website at superbot.one and sign up. After your account is verified and approved, you can set up SuperBot by selecting your industry, use case, voice, and language. Our support team will guide you throughout the setup process.

Is SuperBot an IVR Agent?

No, SuperBot is not an IVR Agent. It's built using AI and NLP, enabling it to understand and respond to customized queries in over 10 languages

Can I customize the flow of conversation in SuperBot?

Absolutely! SuperBot is highly customizable. You can design the conversation flows to align with your business needs and ensure that it provides the best experience for your users.

Can SuperBot handle high call volumes during peak hours?

SuperBot is designed to scale and can handle high call volumes effortlessly, ensuring that no call goes unanswered even during peak hours.

What kind of support can I expect after deploying SuperBot?

We offer 24/7 customer support to assist you with any queries or issues you might encounter. Our dedicated team is always ready to help you make the most of SuperBot.

Can one make changes in the voice of SuperBot?

Yes! With superBot one can choose the voice that suits their brand the best. SuperBot comes with multiple Human voice-overs along with option of speed, pitch and voice modulation.

Can we measure the performance of SuperBot?

You get all the actionable insights such as successful call rate, call drop rate and so on a single platform with detailed reports and analytics.

How can I supervise the standards of the calls?

There is a dedicated team to monitor the quality of the calls and make changes according to the feedback

What happens when SuperBot does not understand customer reply?

When ever superBot does not understand Customers reply it falls back to the previous question and repeats it, With the feedback the bot can be trained for the future.

Can someone use their own voice for SuperBot?

Yes! custom voice overs can be used for SuperBot.

What are some uses of SuperBot?

SuperBot is versatile and can assist in -

  • Lead generation and verification
  • Conducting surveys
  • Gathering feedback
  • Rescheduling and confirming appointments
How often is SuperBot updated?

We continuously update SuperBot to incorporate the latest advancements in AI and NLP. Regular updates ensure that SuperBot remains at the forefront of conversational AI technology.

How does SuperBot differ from other AI-powered voice agents in the market?

SuperBot stands out due to its advanced AI capabilities, multilingual support, vast integration support, domain-specific language models, scalability, customization options etc.Our continuous updates and dedicated support further enhance its value proposition.

Why use SuperBot and not Human agents?

Choosing SuperBot over human agents offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced ROI
  • Reduced infrastructure and operational costs
  • Ability to reach a broader audience
  • Faster and automated lead classification
Can SuperBot make international calls?

Yes, SuperBot is fully capable of placing an international call. However, international calls are only applicable to certain countries and not all. For more details, you can write to us at sales@superbot.one

What if someone calls back on the DID or the SuperBot?

If someone misses a call from SuperBot and they call back, SuperBot will attend the call and start the conversation as per the call flow it is being trained on.

What if the number is blocked by someone after a call?

If the user blocks the SuperBot number, the call will not be placed on that number as per TRAI regulations.

What if the number is marked as spam by someone?

Marking a number Spam is a very common practice, and SuperBot's team recommends all the clients to get their allocated SuperBot DID, officially verified by True Caller Business.

How can I create an account?

To create an account, visit superbot.one and click on "Sign Up." After submitting your details, our team will verify them, and you'll receive an approval email within 24-48 hours.

What is the setup time for SuperBot?

The setup time for SuperBot is minimal. For our templatized agents, you can start using SuperBot within 2 working days. For any custom requirement, after due requirement gathering and feasibility checks, you can start using SuperBot within 4-5 working days.

My account creation request was rejected, what to do next?

Oh! We are sorry for that! But don’t worry in your rejection email our team would have specified the reasons for rejection.You just need to update those details and request again. In case of any further assistance required, you may write us at support@superbot.one

Will my data be secured?

PinnacleWorks follows the best industry-standard practices so that every data is confidential and secured. Also, there is an MoU, which is signed to bind the company to maintain data privacy.

Do I need a human agent to monitor the calls?

No, SuperBot operates autonomously. You can access all relevant reports and analytics on your SuperBot dashboard.

Do the calls get automatically placed?

Yes, the calls will get automatically placed, once the campaigns are published.

Can I choose the time frame within which I want to pay the calls?

Yes, you can choose the date and time within which you want your calls to be placed.

Can SuperBot be integrated with messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger?

Yes, SuperBot can be integrated with popular messaging platforms using our open APIs, facilitating seamless communication.

By when my account creation request will be approved?

It usually takes our team 24 hours on business days to verify and approve an account.

Can I run multiple campaigns simultaneously?

Absolutely Yes! You can run as many parallel campaigns as you want.

Can I use my own number for SuperBot calls?

Yes, with our Enterprise License Model, you can use your own DIDs for calling.

Can we classify the calls or rate them?

The SuperBot Platform easily auto-scores and classify the calls under different labels such as hot, warm, cold, etc., based on the data inputs received during the conversation.

Can SuperBot be deployed on local servers or in-house?

SuperBot is also offered under the enterprise licensed model in which the whole system is deployed locally in your in-house servers. For further queries or details, please connect with our sales team at sales@superbot.one.

What numbers would be used for the outgoing campaigns?

We have 1000+ series of numbers issued by our telecommunication partners. The calls will be placed using those DID numbers. After every 30 calls placed, the DIDs changes, and there is a different number via which the next set of calls are placed.

Can outbound calls be made on the DND numbers?

Yes, the outbound calls can be made to DND numbers. However, it will be applicable only for transactional calls.

What is the difference between Transactional and Marketing Calls?

Marketing calls are promotional calls that are placed to promote a product/service/brand, etc. While Transactional calls are those calls that are placed with user consent to remind them about their upcoming payments/appointments or a confirmation call about the service they have opted for, etc.

Transactional calls will be made via our DID numbers beginning with  0124, while promotional calls will go from the DIDs beginning with 0140.

Can I run campaigns on weekends?

Once your account is approved, you may choose and run your campaigns any day and time. But since all the calls made are governed by the TRAI norms, outbound calls can be made only till 8 PM. For inbound calls, there is no time limit, and therefore the incoming calls can be catered to 24×7.

How can SuperBot help me filter leads?

SuperBot not only places calls but also scores and classifies your data automatically. You just have to set your scoring and classification rules and auto-funnel your leads.

What is the cost per call?

There is no fixed cost per call. Our pricing model works on a 15-second pulse basis. For more details about the same, you need to choose your plan first by visiting our pricing page, and accordingly, our team will share the commercials with you.

How is calling minute calculated?

We charge only for the actual conversation duration. Unanswered or unconnected calls are not billed. Detailed call logs are available in your SuperBot account.

How can I purchase SuperBot?

To Hire superbot you may sign up at https://id.superbot.one/login or may connect with our sales team at sales@superbot.one

Do I need to purchase the credit in advance? Or it can be paid post the campaigns?

It’s a prepaid credit-based model. So for running any campaigns you need to purchase the credits first.

Will I get invoice for my payments?

Yes, there will be invoices made available for all the payments made on the portal itself.

What is your customer care number?

You may reach us at support@superbot.one and we will be happy to assist you at the earliest.

Where can I see a demo call for SuperBot?

For a demo call, fill out the form on our contact page or reach out to us directly via phone or email.

How do I provide feedback or suggestions for SuperBot?

We value your feedback!
You can reach out to us directly via our contact details or through the feedback section on our website. Your insights help us improve and offer a better experience.
Alternatively, you can write to us at support@superbot.one and one of our customer success managers will contact you within 12-24 business hours.

How can I ensure the quality of calls made by SuperBot?

We have a specialized Quality assurance team dedicated to monitoring and ensuring the quality of calls. Real-time adjustments can be made based on their feedback and expertise.

How secure is SuperBot?

SuperBot is designed with the highest security standards in mind. All data is encrypted, and we adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

What if SuperBot doesn't understand a customer's response?

In such cases, SuperBot will revert to the previous question for clarity. Our real-time monitoring ensures that any necessary actions are taken immediately. If required, the call is transferred to a human executive.

What kind of customer support is available?

There will be a dedicated account manager allocated to each account. The support will be available over telephone and mails. For raising any new ticket, you may write to us at support@superbot.one.

Can I get insights and analytics on the calls handled by SuperBot?

Yes, the SuperBot customer managers provide detailed analytics and insights on all conversations. You can monitor success rates, user feedback, AHTs and more through the SuperBot DIY Platform.

What is the process of hiring and setting up SuperBot?

To begin with SuperBot:
Sign up at superbot.one/login and await approval.
Once approved, choose a use case based on your industry.
Customize SuperBot by selecting a name, language, and voice.
Go live with your agent, and you're all set!
For personalized assistance, contact our sales team at sales@superbot.one